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    KRYPTONSITE: When we last spoke for the Smallville Season 6 companion book, it sounded as though your time with the series was finished and that you weren't planning to return. What was it that convinced you to come back?

    ANNETTE O'TOOLE: Kelly and Brian were really forceful in their wanting me to come back. It was nice to be wanted so much. They had a really, really good story when I saw it, and they were going to hit a lot of things that were left hanging, that would bring Martha more into the picture of Clark's world, and they threw in the extra added bonus of having Michael there too. So there were a lot of different things. The timing was right. Everything worked out exactly right, so it was like "why not?"

    The people who are there on set are just lovely. I just really wanted to see them again; my old buddies, and Tom, and Erica, and the people in the crew who I love so much. Everything just all came together.

    KRYPTONSITE: What was it like to return to characters you played years ago, and in Mr. McKean's case, having played a character only once?

    MICHAEL McKEAN: It was great. It was like a peek inside a reality we can really follow up on. The confluence of the world of comic reality brought us together for a moment. It was nice to be back, and it was nice to be back actually doing something in the world of journalism. The instant rapport with Lois, whose work I've actually experienced. I had actually read some of her stuff, and kind of gave her a big thumbs up on that, and then it turns out that we're working on a similar story, which dovetails nicely into the same story. It was really fun. It was fun to be doing something that wasn't just a cameo. It wasn't just a "hi, I'm still here" kind of a peek; it was a real story, and part of the larger picture. So it was good.

    O'TOOLE: It was great, because I had more to do in this one episode than I think I had in all of the other episodes combined, almost. I really felt like I got a shot at being a real part of the story, which was great and was something that I always felt was kind of lacking; a reason for Martha to actually be there. And so I got that, and I got to wear some cool clothes, and see my friends. I interacted with everyone except with tons of Michael. The story's not really about their relationship; it's kind of an excuse to get him into it. Whether they're an item or not is really beside the point. It's kind of a divide. Most of my stuff is with Tom and with Erica.

    KRYPTONSITE: Is Martha aware of her son wearing all black and running around as the vigilante Blur, and if yes, what does Martha think of it?

    O'TOOLE: I can't tell you that, Craig. I haven't watched the show. I had to get a cheat sheet from Kelly about what has been going on, and Tom had to fill me in on this Blur stuff. So I don't know how much Martha knew about that. She probably knew of it. I'm just talking off the top of my head... she's been really busy in Washington doing important stuff, trying to get things done.

    McKEAN: By the same token, if she's hearing about a person called The Blur in Smallville, she can probably put two and two together.

    O'TOOLE: Wonder who that is. But I don't know what he's told me or not, but I know that he's always trying to find a place for his powers, to work for good, and she's always behind that.

    KRYPTONSITE: The official description for the episode mentioned that Perry and Martha are now romantically involved. Is her past with Jonathan mentioned at all, and is Lionel's death addressed?

    O'TOOLE: The Lionel thing is not addressed at all. A lot of the scenes are all about Jonathan, and the spectre of Jonathan affects everything. It is very much dealt with, yeah.

    KRYPTONSITE: Without spoiling anything that you're not supposed to reveal, is there something specific that brings Martha and Perry back to town?

    O'TOOLE: Yes. [laughs]

    McKEAN: Perry is there with her, but he also begins to realize that he's stumbled on to the heart of something, mainly because of Lois's involvement in this story that she's found. So there's more than just one thing bringing them to town. I think it's something for the fans to hatch out themselves.


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