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    Tess (Cassidy Freeman) creates an elaborate hoax in order to kidnap Green Arrow (Justin Hartley), and delivers him to Amanda Waller (guest star Pam Grier), who tells him that that the government is recruiting him to serve his country. However, Green Arrow escapes before they can reveal his identity. After Oliver brings Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe (Allison Mack) up to speed, the three investigate and Clark is surprised to find John Jones (guest star Phil Morris) investigating Oliver's kidnapping too. Clark senses that John is keeping information from him. Oliver and Clark are shocked when Tess reveals that Amanda is after something called "Watchtower." Waller threatens to kill Chloe unless Clark gives her the names and locations of the rest of the Justice League.  

    Wow, apare din nou legiunea Very Happy


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    Re: Spoilers

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    Ce final de sezon se anunta. Cate schimbari de situatie, dar sper sa o opreasca cineva pe Tess ca incepe sa ma enerveze la maxim.

    "Behind every hero stands a strong woman"

    Lois & Clark 4ever

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